‘Tis the Season- Getting Ready for Mid-term Elections

…and so are we! November 2018, on one hand, seems forever away. A whole year! But there are people whose term is up and must re-run, perhaps are termed out or have chosen not to run and a new candidate must be selected. There are bills that passed in the House and Senate during session that will go to vote in mid-term. There are also petition drives in order to exercise voter’s local options like the one An American Speaks is involved with right now.

Issue 6, that Arkansas voted into law by a narrow 3% margin, is now Amendment 98 of the Arkansas Constitution. Also known as the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment of 2016 it contains a little known local option clause that allows counties or municipalities to vote on whether they wish to have a dispensary or grow facility.  Last week An American Speaks filed a Ballot Question Committee Statement of Organization  on behalf of Boone County with the Arkansas Ethics Commission as Counties Against Legalized Marijuana.  It is our intention to work with local churches, civic organizations and local businesses to mount a petition drive to get this option on the ballot next November so Boone County, who voted overwhelmingly against Issue 6, has the option of keeping dispensaries and grow facilities out of their county.

Last Monday, October 9th, we introduced this option to the Carroll County Republican Committee and will be happy to speak with/help any City or County that is interested in doing the same. Almost half the counties in Arkansas voted against this amendment and a number of those that voted “for” passed with a margin of less than 2%.  It is our belief that they should know how to exercise their right in the amendment to not have it in their county or city if they do not want it.

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School Board Elections: Who Wants to Be In Charge of Our Schools?

Next Tuesday, September 19th Arkansas will hold school board elections for all districts in the state.
As most of you know, participation in our local, state and national electoral process is a passion of our organization.  An American Speaks attributes many of the challenging issues facing Americans today to the lack of education regarding issues and then participation on Election Day. While school board elections have traditionally had a low interest among voters, actions of school boards around the country have elevated the interest parents have in who wants to set policy for their children.
With that said, it is the responsibility of every citizen to get informed so that they can make wise decisions and feel comfortable that they are truly voting their values.  But, the responsibility of education and information is a two-way street.
At An American Speaks we believe it is also the duty of candidates and sponsors of initiatives and amendments to make sure the public is properly informed.
This brings us to concerns brought to light during  the 2017 races. While we have heard these issues elsewhere here is a specific example we just experienced.  Due to questions we have received desiring information about the upcoming school board elections in Harrison, we began the process of researching the school board candidates, with the idea that we could share information that would educate and inform the public, and in particular friends and supporters of An American Speaks.  We first contacted the Boone County Clerks office and was directed to the Arkansas Secretary of States website to find out who had registered to run for office.  The next contact via email was to the Harrison School District Administration office where they gave us the names and phone numbers of candidates running for two board seats.  There was no biographical or background information they could share regarding the candidates qualifications or experience.  Our third contact was to our local newspaper to see what information they might have about the candidates and was told there would be Election information in the weekend edition.  The eagerly awaited edition contained only the candidates names.  We then searched social media and placed phone calls to the challenging candidates while attempting to email the incumbents for the purpose of getting background information and answers to our questions.  As of today, three days before the election, we have received no responses.
Our school board is possibly the most important election in our community and to our Nations future, yet there really doesn’t seem to be much information available to concerned voters and parents to make decisions about the people who will be shaping the direction of the schools our children are attending. With easy, free access to social media this seems incomprehensible. Search as we may, and we’re pretty good researchers, we could find no position statements for our candidates or thoughts about why they are running for these positions.
While we applaud each candidate for stepping up to run and willingness to serve,  we encourage them and future candidates to work harder to educate constituents, garner support and encourage participation.
When we are reading about controversial decisions made by school boards nationwide that impact the safety and religious freedom of our young people it is imperative that the public have access to the political philosophy that drives their decision making.
As of today, we can only recommend to those who seek us out for information to examine the record of the incumbents and decide on whether to vote on what they know or roll the dice for our schools.
Our children today and the education they receive is the future of America.  They are the ones responsible keeping America strong in the coming decades.
If you are a school board candidate we have four questions for you. You can reply to this blog or email us at info@anamericanspeaks.com
God bless!
An American Speaks. Welcome to our first blog!

An American Speaks. Welcome to our first blog!

Hello friends of An American Speaks, this is our first official blog! When Mike Bishop said he wanted to “send out a blog” he thought he was just going to come up with an informative e-mail and send it out to a bunch of people who liked us. Well, that’s what some of you who signed up just for that will get but today’s social media demands more of us so now you will be able to keep up with us at http://www.anamericanspeaks.blog. We will send out email updates or you can find it on our webpage http://www.anamericanspeaks.com.

Our thoughts are to keep you posted on various activities every week so you can keep up with not only what we are working on but how your support is contributing to wholesome communities and the fight for traditional family values. We sure want you feedback too!

Let’s start by letting you know the three primary focus’ we have right now that will take most of our time, energy and contributions.

  1.  Arkansas petition drives in counties or communities that do not want marijuana dispensaries or grow facilities. Our informal polls tell us most civic leaders and citizens DO NOT KNOW that the constitutional amendment that allows medical marijuana allows cities or counties to OPT OUT by popular vote in the mid-term elections of Nov. 2018. Almost half the counties in Arkansas voted AGAINST this amendment and more than a handful that voted it in did so with less than 20 votes. Those voters have the right to say NO to marijuana in their community! We have established petition language and will be filing with the Ethics Commission this month starting with Boone County. If you want to explore a similar initiative in your community reach out to us 501-725-0219 or info@anamericanspeaks.com. There are rules to follow but we can help, it’s not as hard as you might think.
  2. Voter watch! We want to keep you informed of what’s coming up in mid-term elections.  There will be people and issues to vote on and mid term is often overlooked but WE LIVE WITH THE RESULTS, often for years! We don’t plan on telling you who to vote for but we sure will point you to resources like voting records that will allow you to make up your own mind as well as the pros and cons of bills that passed the House and Senate for placement on mid-term ballots.
  3. American Patriots Bible for legislators and civic leaders.  If you haven’t heard about this mission read more about it here The American Patriots Bible Mission by An American Speaks. Our leaders need lifting up, reminders and education about The Word and how it influenced every leader from the Founding Fathers, military leaders, U.S. presidents and frontier explorers.  These sponsorships put this bible directly into the hands of our state and community influencers and helps us fund our mission. In addition to funding everything from one bible to multiple cases you can also become a sustaining member for just a few dollars a month. You may just want to get one for yourself or bless a friend. Either way email toni@anamericanspeaks.com or call 501-725-0219.

Well these things are supposed to be brief so we’ll end it here.  These aren’t all we do but we wanted you to get the big picture with this first blog. We know everyone gets alot of email so our current goal is once a week. What do you think? Can you handle hearing from us once a week? If you want to give us feedback on the above initiatives or anything else on your heart let us know by calling or emailing any of the contact information above. If you don’t want to hear from us at all let us know that too!

We have been instructed:

Listen to what the LORD says: “Stand up, plead my case before the mountains; let the hills hear what you have to say.” Micah 6:8

God bless you, God bless America.